How to Add Social Media Icons to The WordPress Header or Footer

In this video tutorial I show you how to add social media icons to the WordPress header or footer. We’ll be using a plugin called headers and footers to do this, because every WordPress theme is different and it wouldn’t be very useful to most people to show how to add the icons to my […]

How To Automatically Share Your WordPress Posts to Social Media Networks

Top 7 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Eveyone loves to share, everyone month i get around 7,000+ Shares on youtube so make sure to have a social share on your website, people use them, trust me! Take A Look At These Plugins!

Free Social Media sharing Plugin for WordPress Blog|How to share Posts in Social Media

Learn how to share blog posts on social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram from a WordPress blog. Free social media sharing plugin to share blog posts easily.

How to add WordPress Social Share Buttons

This video shows how to install Social Sharing, Smart Popup & Share Buttons by, on WordPress.

Add social sharing buttons to WordPress 2019

Yes, another social sharing button video! This time I use a highly rated free social sharing plugin for WordPress.

How Add A Hover "Pin It" Button To WordPress

Add A “Pin It” hover button to WordPress… Add Pinterest hover button on Images in WordPress Add “Pin it” pinterest image hover button to images in posts of WordPress website using free jQuery plugin. Visit – Twitter – http://w… Pinterest can be a great source of highly targeted traffic to send to affiliate links […]

Adding A Pinterest Button To WordPress

A Pinterest “Pin It” button for WordPress… Add a Pinterest Button to WordPress Using the GetSocial Plugin Just a quick overview of adding the “Pin It” button from Pinterest to your WordPress blog. I’m using the GetSocial plugin, and show how to customize it to ad… Pinterest exploded onto the Social Media landscape with such […]

WordPress + Social Media = Gold!

Why would I say that WordPress + Social Media = Gold? Think of it this way. As the holder of one or more WordPress sites you  are a Emper of sorts over the Web space that they make up. This is YOUR Virtual Real Estate. The idea of course for any Emperor is to get […]

Why You Should Be Posting To Your Social Media Accounts From Your WordPress Blog

Posting directly from your blog to the various Social Media sites you have profiles for is a great way to get more traffic. In fact when a blog is new, this can actually help establish a base of readers. I have seen this first hand several times, with this site being one of them. Initially, […]