What is Gutenberg?

After many months of development and testing, WordPress is about to make one of the most drastic shifts in its history. One the will frustrate many but could make building a website a lot easier for a whole lot of people. It’s called Gutenberg. In this video, Envato’s Dom Hennequin explains the concept of the […]

Gutenberg from Scratch: How to Create a Custom Block

Getting Started with WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor

The new WordPress editor is coming out in version 5.0 (released on December 6th, 2018) and it is nicknamed Gutenberg. Many have heard about it, but here is the beta version of WordPress 5.0 with the new Gutenberg Editor baked in. We go over how it works, the features, and even come across an issue […]

How to Create Gorgeous Blog Posts with Gutenberg

This tutorial shows you how to create beautiful blog posts with image galleries, text backgrounds, drop caps and columns using the new WordPress Gutenberg editor plugin. Now you no longer need an extra plugin to create eye-catching, gorgeous blog posts.

How To Make A Gutenberg Block With Advanced Custom Fields – For Beginners

In this #WordPress tutorial, we go over how to create a #Gutenberg block with the new and shiny Advanced Custom Fields version 5.8. This is geared towards beginners and provides a high-level overview. Deeper tutorials will come in the future.

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugin – Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg (FREE)

With so many blocks to choose from, what block pack should you choose? In this video, I will be taking a look at Ultimate Add-ons For Gutenberg which is the #1 most used Gutenberg block package. This is the 1 package I will be using on all of my websites. You install UAG right from […]

10 Essential Plugins For Your Gutenberg WordPress Site

The new WordPress Gutenberg Editor is one of the most exciting (and scary!) things to hit WordPress in years. New plugins are popping up everywhere, and now is the time to get ahead of the curve and adopt these new new plugins for your site! The plugins in this video are: 1. Custom Color Palettes […]

Build A Landing Page With WordPress Using The Block Editor [Gutenberg]

Learn how to build a landing page with WordPress in under 30 minutes by using the new block editor of WordPress (Gutenberg) Combine it with templates and block friendly layouts that can be customized with no efforts, offered by Otter. Step by step landing page: Step 1 – Install Neve WordPress Theme 0:35 Step 2 […]