Optimizing Post Titles In WordPress

How to create post titles optimized for visitors and Search Engines… Blog SEO – How to Create Optimized Blog Post Titles Visitors and Search Engines Love Blog SEO http://www.drostdesigns.com/?p=2830 Did you know that the title of your Blog Post is a crucial factor for getting visitors to read your blog post an… In the last […]

WordPress Plugin Creation How To Video Part 2

Back to creating WrdPress plugins with part two of this two part series. In the final video the author wraps everything up he started in the first video. The videos are not intended for WordPress newbies. They are quite technical in nature and unless you understand how to fix any coding errors you make you […]

How To Resize A Video In WordPress

If you are using a blog hosted at WordPress.org your options for embedding videos a pretty narrow. There is no way for you to change the size of the video to better fit your post or theme. On the other hand, the outlook is much brighter for those hosting their WordPress blog on their own […]

Creating A WordPress Theme From Scratch Video

Did you ever want to create your very own WordPress theme? If you have tried to find info on the topic you soon discover there is not much. The reason is fairly simple, this is a highly technical operation definately not for beginners. Because the info is very technical in nature few people have tackled […]

Effective WordPress Copywriting

Sometimes what you have to say in your post is not as important as how you say it. Your goal is of course to get visitors to read every word of your posts. In order to do that, you must give them a reason to keep reading. Even if you are breaking some sort of […]

WordPress Copywriting Tips

This is video 5 from Rob Canyon’s series on copywriting for the Web. The focus this time is on what you should and should not write posts about. This video contains some excellent tips on creating the kind of content that makes readers come back to visit your blog time and time again. Some of […]

WordPress Copywriting: Formatting And More

One of the  most asked questions about WordPress is how to write a post that people will like. Especially for those new to writing the subject of creating a good or even great blog posts is very important to your future success. With that in mind we will be concentrating on writing a highly effective […]

Free WordPress Sharing Plugins

This video by Dean Ethridge was first published on his blog at DeanEthridge.com. Besides Akismet, which always seems to make most everyone’s list, Ethridge also includes the All In One SEO Pack. The video includes a quick intro to the plugin as well. He also recommends SEO Presser a premium WordPress plugin in the video. […]

How To Build An Affiliate Site With WordPress

Theis video created by Justin Bow looks into turning your WordPress blog into an affiliate marketing site. The video shows a useful method for helping get your sites ranked for good keywords. the video was originally published on http://offervault.com. Bow covers how to do the necessary keyword research without getting bogged down in what can […]

How To Make Money With WordPress

Charles Crawford, the author of this video takes on the daunting task of showing you how to make money with a blog. While this information applies to any blogging platform i have included it here because the video uses a WordPress installation as the example site. The video shows popular methods for monetizing a blog. […]