WordPress VS. HTML: And The Winner Is…

What’s really the best… HTML vs WordPress HTML vs WordPress. The debate has gone back and forth almost since WordPress was first created. In some ways the argument is purely one of philosophy. There are definate technical differences between HTML coded site and one that relies on the PHP script that powers WordPress. If the […]

How To Upload Large Files Like Videos To WordPress

If you have ever gotten frustrated when trying to upload a video or other large file to your WordPress site, you’re not alone. Here’s how to quickly and easily solve that problem once and for all… Upload Large Files to WordPress by AvoidErrors http://www.avoiderrors.net/ How to Upload Files to WordPress Larger Than 2Mb. if you’re […]

Superior WordPress Hosting Support

Every Web Hosting company  offers technical support of some kind. Most of the larger companies offer what is called “Full Support” meaning you can ask them about any issue concerning your hosting account and they will usually reply within 24 Hours of receiving your inquiry. In order to do this you must often first open […]