The Top WordPress Twitter Widget Plugins

Twitter and WordPress were made for each other Here’s how to add a Twitter Widget to your WordPress blog… How To Install A Twitter Widget In WordPress Learn how to install a Twitter widget In WordPress. This video will teach you how to install a Twitter widget to your sidebars in WordPress so you can […]

How To Add Widgets To WordPress Sidebars

Widgets are one of the things that make WordPress popular. Widgets come in all types, recent posts, featured content, image, ad, you name it, and there is probably a WordPress widget that can do it. The following video will show how to add widgets to your WordPress sidebars. WordPress 3 Tutorial 12: Populating Your Sidebars […]

How To Remove Widgets From The WordPress Dashboard

The default WordPress Dashboard contains many widgets. If you are like the majority of WordPress users you only use a couple of those widgets. That pretty much reduces the rest of the widgets to nothing but clutter. This video will show you how to clean up the clutter by deleting the unecessary widgets from the […]

Choosing Your Widgets In WordPress

There are plenty of reasons you could want to have certain widgets appear only on certain pages. You might want to target affiliate or AdWords advertising by the topic of your post for instance. By default WordPress always shows exactly the same widgets regardless of what page or post is displayed. You generally can’t have […]