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How To Change WordPress Page Name Permalink Structure And Update Menus

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WordPress Permalink Settings Walkthrough – What Are Permalinks? | WP Learning Lab

When webmasters first move to WordPress permalinks are one of those confusing things that don’t make sense right away. I think it’s because of the name. WordPress Permalinks are just how the URL structure for your website is defined. I’m sure if the WordPress developers named it URL Structure instead of Permalinks there would be […]

A Guide To WordPress Permalinks

In today’s video we take a closer look at WordPress Permalinks to understand their importance.

How To Set WordPress Custom Permalinks

In this video I will show you how to set WordPress custom permalinks. Setting custom WordPress permalinks is easier than it sounds and you need to start by logging into your WordPress dashboard. In your dashboard head to ‘Settings’ then ‘Permalinks’. How to set WordPress custom permalinks involves you switching your permalinks settings to ‘custom’ […]

How to Reset WordPress Permalinks

Learn how to Reset your Permalinks in WorPress, in this walk-through video. This will often correct a 404 error, or issues after a server move. Below is an outline of the steps: 1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard. 2. Click Settings. 3. Click Permalinks. 4. Choose a different permalinks setting than what you have, then […]