Finding your blogging voice

Screencasting Vs. Blogging: Which One Is Better?

How to Find Your Voice and Your Audience

There are all kinds of content marketing tactics we could discuss such as email, blogging, video, podcasts, Facebook, and every other social media outlet. But whether it works for you or not will come down to your strategy….not just the tactics you’re using. You have to attract the right audience. And you need to be […]

Finding Your Blogging Voice

Finding your blogging voice. What is your blogging voice? How do you find your own unique style and voice. We all have one. You do too.

Bringing Your Authentic Voice to Your Blogging & Writing

Source: Aired Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 2:00 PM ET Bringing Your Authentic Voice to Your Blogging & Writing You want more ideal clients. Badly. Yet you shy away from sharing your story. Your gremlins say, “Who are you to be seen? Who wants to read your truth?” Let’s face it, sharing your stories can […]

Blogging – The Foundation of a Successful Pinterest Strategy

With Mike Allton, Owner of The Social Media Hat (Social Media Examiner Top 10 Social Media Blog) & CMO of Sitesell and Tailwind’s Content Marketing Manager, Alisa Meredith. Let’s make blogging easier, more effective, and less time consuming! Mike recently published a 15 thousand word (?!?!?) post about starting a blog. Even though the title […]

Quick Blogging and Writing Tips on Finding Your Writer’s Voice