With the ever escalating attempts being made to hack WordPress blogs you can not afford to ignore the security level of your blog without paying the price. Because hackers don’t care how popular a blog is, even brand new WordPress installs are at risk.

A hacked blog can loose visitors and drop in the SEO listings like a rock after being hacked. New blogs may just mysteriously never seem to take off despite your best efforts. While no single plugin can protect you from every possible attack on your  blog, the plugin discussed in this video “Better WP Security” is probably the single most effective plugin when it comes to securing a WordPress install.

The vidoe covers basic setup of the plugin, but does not go in to any of the more advanced tweaks available to you with the plugins settings pages. While this is probably O.K. for most people you probably need to include a stern warning for the more adventurious among us.

A couple of the settings available can cause you very aggravating problems including not being able to access your site if you set up the SSL feature wrong. Unless you are experimenting with a new site with no content DO NOT activate the SSL feature unless you have done so successfully in the past. Be careful and read all of the descriptions included about what the features will do.

The video was published by “DitescoNetwork” and it does a good job of covering the minimum settings you want to have enabled in order to make the plugin effective against hackers.