Social Media Share  Bars make it easy for your visitors to share your great WordPress content. They centralize several different Social Media sites thereby eliminating the need for individual plugins  for all included Social Media accounts.

The Social Media Share Bar focused on in the video here is one of the cooler ones of it’s type.

The toolbar is the product of the ToolBar to Share plugin. This is one of several plugins for WordPress that offer some form of Social Media Share Bar. This one is the highest rated by WordPress users of all of the Social Media Share Bars available for free at the WordPress Plugin Directory.

How to Add a Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress

Step by step guide on how to add a floating horizontal social share bar in WordPress by using the floating social bar plugin.…

This plugin works great. I used ToolBar to Share for quite a while before I replaced it with several expensive Premium WordPress Sharing Plugins. The reason for that was first to keep up with Pinterest, as there was no plugin that covered my needs for the fast emerging Social Media contender. They also do some really cool things on the sites I set them up on.

Are they any more effective than the free ToolBar to Share plugin?

To some tiny degree, yes. But we are talking about $27 and $47 plugins. They are not that much better! If I had to do it over now I would simply keep the ToolBar to Share plugin and one of the great Pinterest plugins that are around now.