Here are the top five Google SEO Ranking Factors for 2020.

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1. Content

– Without content you have nothing to optimize.

– The internet is expanding so fast in terms of content, live video and short videos work the best.

– Realize that no content is unique, personality is.

2. Targeting and Nicheing Down

– If you don’t niche down, you compete with everyone. Rankings are too hard to target when you do too much of everything, (look at Jerry Banfield).

3. Controlling Your Traffic and Relationship Building

– If you don’t control your traffic, your traffic is cold, therefore your long term results are based on other peoples assets. Not a good idea.

4. User Engagement and User Generated Content

– All search engines perfer to rank content that has high user metrics such as high rention rates, engagement, and user generated content.

5. Social Signals

– Sending traffic and users from social platforms is almost the ultimate way to create rankings.