Twitter and WordPress were made for each other
Here’s how to add a Twitter Widget to your WordPress blog…

How To Install A Twitter Widget In WordPress

Learn how to install a Twitter widget In WordPress. This video will teach you how to install a Twitter widget to your sidebars in WordPress so you can displa…

This is a solid plugin. Twitter Widget Pro has a 4 Star rating among WordPress users. There are other free plugins available from that do the same thing and have a higher rating, a 5 Star. Here’s a few…

WP Twitter widget by rYokiNG will let you add a widget to any widget area, and is easy to configure. This plugin carries a 5 Star rating with WordPress users.

Twiget Twitter Widget will not only let you add a widget displaying your latest Tweets,, it also adds a follow @yourusername button to the widget.

Twitter Widget with Sentiment Analysis is a bit more complicated. This will take any keyword or #Hashtag you enter and render Tweets showing the prevailing sentiment towards the keyword or #Hashtag. This is done by sending the keyword or #Hashtag you send to SocialAppsHQ where it is run through their system to gather results and the resulting Tweets are then displayed in the widget.

Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcode) is very cool because it does not limit you to placing Tweets in a widget alone. As the name suggests, this is a single purpose configurable short code plugin. You simply enter the shortcode into any post, page or widget area.

Finally, we have cbnet Twitter Widget, that does far more. This plugin adds several widgets…

Profile Widget
List Widget
Favorites Widget
Search Widget