There are a multitude of WordPress plugins designed to make autoblogging easier. Some of the plugins are free, others may easily cost over $100 for a years licsense. Personally, I own several expensive plugins of this nature. I have also tried many of the free plugins designed for autoblogging. I have never been able to pick a favorite from either group.

That’s because each one I have tried has quirks I could  do without. But to be honest this has more to do with a problem sometimes found in WordPress plugins. The operations one must perform are akward in some way. The plugin works, but you must deal with the non-intuitive controls to make it happen.

Some of the easiest to use plugins for automatically posting content to your blog rely on publishing feeds you select. This unfortunately won’t work for every niche. To create a profitable WordPress autoblog you will need content from multiple sources so you can post multiple times each day and entice the search engines to come back often.

In the video below which was published on Youtube by, “GeekCoding” you get an interesting look at the authors preferred auotoblog plugins. I am not familiar with any of the plugins mentioned in the video or the post from the authors blog which is reproduced for you below the video. I do find them very interesting. I will be trying them out and will update this post after evaluating them.

The following is the post from the blog at mentioned in the video. I have placed the link to download the Free Plugin Pack mentioned in the post under the post for your convenience.

Auto-blogging is certainly a hot topic with bloggers these days, especially with the in-flux of newcomers to affiliate marketing.  Auto-blogging is the technique of using web scraping or rss feeding to auto generate content for your WordPress site which can be very beneficial. If you are running a news site or just started a new site and need content to start drawing readers into your site, auto-blogging is the way to do it.  This method of content generation becomes an issue when auto-blogging sites steal content from other sites and claim it as their own…which as we know is a big no-no!  Credit should always remain with the original poster and it works even better if you have their permission and can setup an affiliate network.

There are many paid and free plugins out there that are capable of auto-generating posts for your site.  I certainly haven’t tried them all but I’ve tested and used the major ones out there and have learned quite a lot along the way.  After setting up and testing many different ways of doing this I’ve come up with a definitive set of plugins, all of them are free, that can help you get started auto-blogging in no time at all.  I’ve packaged all of these plugins up into a plugin pack that’s available for download below the post.

Framework Plugin:


I’ve used WPRobot, AutoBlogger, and countless other plugins for auto-blogging websites and I’ve always found FeedWordPress to be the best.  The latest version is very stable and with the plugins listed below makes for a very powerful and customizable auto-blogging framework.  Save your money and use this free plugin / framework.

Needed Add-Ons:


SIC ‘Em stands for Syndicated Image Capture and it’s a critical piece of the auto-blogging system.  FeedWordPress can’t natively pull images from your auto content and store them into your media library, which means you’ll be doing a lot of bad hot-linking back to the original site.  This eats into their bandwidth so the right thing to do is grab a local copy and store on your WordPress server.  If SIC ‘Em can’t grab the image you have the option to simply remove it from the post which is always a good idea.

FWP+ Regex Replace

The Regex Replace script was written by one of my very good friends over  and it allows you to insert and replace text on the fly with your auto-blogging content.  I’ve used it to generate the original source in the title of the post and to add linkback to my images instead of hot-linking.  It’s a very powerful plugin that serves many uses, but it does require regex knowledge.

FWP+ Add Attribution

The Add Attribution is required to give the original credit for the post.  It adds a “boilerplate” to the bottom of the post that can say things like “Continue Reading At…” or “Original Source:…”  The Add Attribution plugin has many other options that you will find useful when setting up your auto-blogging WordPress website

Ada FeedWordPress Keyword Filters

The keyword filters plugin lets you grab only certain posts that meet your criteria.  Some websites put many different categories into one RSS feed which without this plugin makes it very hard to grab only selected topics.  There are other keyword filtering plugins for FeedWordPress but this on works the best and is by far the most reliable I’ve used to date.

FeedWordPress SEO Fix

When using a powerful SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast, canonical links get generated which are trying to tell Google and Bing that you’ve written this original content.  The FeedWordPress SEO Fix removes those internal canonical links and gives the credit back to the original source.  This is a critical plugin because it keeps you from being penalized by Google for distributing duplicate content and it gives the original writer credit through the search engines.  You’ll still get rank for indexing the article though, so don’t worry about being left out.

Here’s that link to download the Free Plugin Pack. The link is a direct download of all files.

Free Plugin Pack