Timelines seem to be taking over the World. Many popular Social Network sites use them.

Besides being quite the rage, they can be a reat way to connect with your customers and show them there is more to your business than they knew. You can promote new products very successfully  by providing Launch Updates and such or “Leaking” a few details from time to time. As the launch gets closer some sort of Viral Contest of some sort is a must.

The relatively short video below shows how to install and use the Lifestream plugin for WordPress. Lifestream is a Timeline Style plugin you can download for free at the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Lifestream, Social Networking plugin for WordPress

I created this how-to for my student bloggers. You’ll need php5 enabled for your webhost.

There seems to be two different plugins listed for Lifestream. Both are the same version, and both have exact same description. Both also share the same author, David Cramer. The only difference in the plugins seems to be the different links at the end of the plugin description. They’re different.

To be fair, Lifestream is not the most highly rated plugin that offers this feature. Lifestream does get an impressive 4 Star rating from WordPress users.

Another free WordPress plugin called Social Timelline will also do the job. This plugin is rated 5 Stars by users.