Choose one of these 6 membership site types to start generating a residual income today. There are a lot of different membership site options, these 6 are the best if you want a sustainable long-term income.

Table of Contents:
0:36 – Keys To Membership Income
1:37 – 1) Digital Product/Course
2:31 – 2) Monthly Mastermind
3:55 – 4) Facebook Group
5:12 – 4) Fixed Term
6:43 – 5) Insider Updates
7:23 – 6) Client Portal
7:59 – Bonus) Pro Membership Site Tip

Top 6 Membership Site Ideas For Generating Residual Income Online

Membership site secrets: how to make membership websites make money

Are you planning to start membership sites that make money even if you have a small email list and haven’t sold a product before? In this video, I’ll show you how to start your own membership sites and grow a successful membership site and program around your passion.

Be a successful online entrepreneur by having membership sites where you can use to deliver your products or services. By building a membership site you can give value to your audience while making money online via recurring revenue. Consider this video if you want to know how to make a membership website for your online business. I will talk about the best membership site ideas out there.

If you want to create a membership website, but want to start with the right one from the beginning without the need to pay to begin with, watch this video. In this video of creating membership sites made easy, the first thing you need to do is be super clear on what your membership site is all about. You should know who your target audience is so you can make a successful membership site that makes money for your business. If you’re planning on building membership websites, there are many website builders that are easy to use and have lots of membership features. You can know how to make a membership site with WordPress and other platforms. There are tutorials to learn how to create a membership website in WordPress step by step without code. This is a very simple way to create and launch a membership site whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Through membership websites, you can generate a consistent monthly income online, even if you’ve never sold anything before. You can charge a membership fee based on what the value of the membership actually is.

There is also an opportunity to build a membership program without even having to build membership website. You can do this by having a paid membership through a Facebook group. But, make sure to always collect your members’ email because of the reason I discussed in the video.

Make sure you provide your customers the value they want when they joined your membership site. They joined your membership site to have an access to you as an expert online entrepreneur. You should organize the information so it becomes easy to digest. It should also be better and unique than what they can find on YouTube/blogs. It’s hard to get return customers if they feel they didn’t get enough value from the first membership site they purchased.