Amazon affiliates will love this free WordPress plugin…

Tutorial: Using Amazon Affiliate Plugin

This tutorial is about how to use Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress (, this plugin seems to…

If you promote the right Amazon product as an affiliate you can make good commissions. Put enough good selling products on a WordPress site and you can earn even better commissions.

This is a very good WordPress plugin. I have made money many times on blogs using this very free plugin and still do. granted I also have powerful Premuim WordPress Affiliate plugins avialable. So these days this plugin is only routinely installed on a few sites. On simple sites this plugin does the job in an admirable way. I mainly use the Amazon premium plugins for the very specialized sites I tend to build most of the time. If you don’t have very specific needs and only want a plugin that will add your Amazon affiliate link to posts this will work.

The plugin has a good reputation for a good reason, it does work.

As I stated earlier this is a free WordPress plugin. You can get the Amazon Affiliate Plugin directly from your WordPress blog’s admin area by first clicking on the “Add New” link in the dropdown menu that shows up when you hover over the “Plugins” menu item or directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory.