Very few WordPress users are aware of the selection of plugins that will install a email autoresponder on their blog. Practically every marketer uses either a paid or free autoresponder servive. When you consider all the good options there are for adding an autoresponder to WordPress, they are probably wasting their money.

Do not take it to mean I think the tools such as tracking opens and such paid accounts offer are not useful. Intermediate and advanced marketers need the information they provide to know how to tweak conversions. But if you are building your first list, they are not so important.

There are several different types of plugins that will allow you to create everything from a simple newsletter to complete sequential autoresponder series. The plugin featured in the video, WP Autoresponder, is one that allows you to set up different automated messages or sequential autoresponder messages.

You decide the content of the messages, how many there are, and how far apart they arrive. WP Autoresponder is a double optin process so it complies with Anti-Spam regulations. Emails can be sent as plain text, HTML, or both.

The video covers the process of creating a new mailing list and walks you through the options and steps in good order. The author then shows you how to use the plugin to create an opt-in form. Then he shows you how to add your new form to a post or page on your WordPress site.

The video was created by Fred Tyre, and published first on Youtube.