The WordPress dashboard is an integral part of the blogging platform. The dashboard provides information on the current state of your blog. The dashboard is made up of several widgets, each of which provides a particular type of information. While the average blogger probably has little use or interest for many parts of the WordPress dashboard, there are some critical features included.

This video will show you the dashboard features and how to use them.

WordPress Blog Tips – WordPress Dashboard Tutorial tor Beginners WordPress Blog Tips, WordPress Dashboard Tutorial After you have installed at your host you can access your dashboard…

Always remember to keep your WordPress version and plugins updated. This requires only a couple of minutes to do, but it is an important step to keep out hackers. Every WordPress update contains several security patches to make it more secure. By failing to install these updates promptly you are leaving the door open for a hacker to use the weakness to gain access to your site.

If you find some of the dashboard widgets that you simply do not need, you can manage the WordPress dashboard widgets using one of several admin customization plugins. My favorite is called WP Total Hacks. Besides allowing to get rid of unwanted widgets from the dashboard this plugin will also allow you to add a Favicon for your site among other things. This is a free WordPress plugin available from the WordPress Plugin Directory.