This video shows how to use the very cool “Landing Pages” pluggin. If you use WordPress to collect leads, this is a great plugin to have. The plugin allows you to choose from several templates including a developers version that you can study then use to create your own templates.

Published by “InboundNow”, this video runs just short of 4 and a half minutes total. This WordPress plugin tutorial was published on Youtube.

In addition to using the templates that come with the plugin you also get the option of purchasing additional templates from the site.

The default set of templates provided for your use is diverse. There are several different styles including one with a countdown timer. Another template lets you add a video to your opt-in page.

You can use any autoresponder that provides a HTML or Javascript optin forn. The settings for the plugin can be confusing if you do not follow the directions provided for each section, so be sure to rea everything before getting started.

Use The Link Below To Download

The Landing Pages Plugin

Landing Pages Plugin