Sliders for WordPress are hot. You would be hard pressed to find a Premuim WordPress theme without one. To add one for free
you can choose from several highly rated free plugins. The slYder WordPress Slider is one of those.

The plugin prides itself on being easy to implement and use. For the most part that is true. Figuring out the proper width for your theme, maybe not. This is not impossible by any means, just time consuming. That aside the plugin delivers your
content quite well. The slider handles images, but requires the fullsize image and a thumbnail for each slide.

The slider is easy to add to your blog. You can add it to your theme or use a shortcode to call it for pages and posts.

There are a couple of drawbacks with this useful free WordPress plugin. If you don’t use images in your posts you will have to create them for the plugin to function properly. You need a featured image and a thumbnail for all slides. You can pick from
any of the catagories on your blog or include them all. This plugin functions well with newer versions of WordPress and is
a real asset if your theme doesn’t have one by default and you want this for your WordPress blog.

The plugin is a free WordPress plugin. You can download it directly from your WordPress plugins page via the add new plugins
link in either the admin menu or at the top of the plugins page.

slYder – WordPress Slider Demo

How to use the slYder WordPress Plugin, slYder is a wordpress slider (WordPress Content Slider). That is lightweight and easy to use.