This is how to add a Twitter Share button to WordPress instantly…

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Very cool WordPress plugin. Great tool for engaging people who see your content with Social Media. By spreading the word about your WordPress site to their Followers they are also doing you a huge favor. Every time someone Tweets about one of your posts two good things happen.

Number One is that you have a chance to gain one or more of the people who follow the person Tweeting may decide to visit your blog.

Number Two is you get real Social Proof that you have quality content on your WordPress blog. That’s a big deal because Social Proof = better rankings with Google.

The more Social Proof, the better your ranking in the Google organic results. That’s the listings that are NOT ads in the results. This alone will not propel your site to the top of Google for any keyword on any Niche. But if you have covered the other bases then this can put your efforts over the top.

Modern WordPress SEO is an odd mixture of quality backlinks from other high ranking sites in your Niche, the relevancy and quality of your content, and the Social Proof your site has.

Put it all together, and you have a winning combination.