The time it takes your site to load can hurt your rankings with Google and other Search Engines. Check out this video to find a simple way to improve your WordPress blog’s load time…

How to Speed up your Website Loadtimes Part 1: WP Smush It Plugin Review How to speed up your website using two awesome Plugins. In this first video I install and show the benefits of using the WP Smush….

Despite the fact that the author of this video seems to be in a huge hurry, this is well worth watching.

As Google continues to place greater importance on load times making sure your site loads quickly becomes a priority for getting or keeping your pages at the top of the listings. WP SmushIt is a plugin that compresses your image files making them load faster.

If you have a Gallery type site this can make a huge difference in the amount of time required for your site to load. Even if you only have one or two images per post this can cause your site to load slowly. The compression gets rid of unused portions of the image and makes the image size smaller making it load faster.

This is yet another free WordPress plugin available for download from the site.

To continue on the important subject of getting your site to load faster there is also another often overlooked factor. WordPress plugins are great resources, but if you activate too many your site will load verrrry slowly. Especially if you have many complex plugins with lots of code.

The simple solution for this is to just get rid of any unecessary plugins and activate only ones that you really need. By reducing the number of plugins yoursite will not only be more attractive to visitors, you will start to get more Love from Google as well. Not only do slow loading sites turn off visitors, they can be frustrating to work on since you constantly have to wait for the site to load any time you make changes.

Google has publicly stated that load times affect your rankings. Knowing this, failure to improve your sites load times can cause your site to rank far lower than the content deserves. It can also result in dropping in rank for even established sites, far worse.

Use the tips in the video and here to decrease your site’s load time and get the kind of rankings your content really deserves.