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How To Verify Your WordPress Website On Pinterest Verifying your wordpress website lets people see the full URL on your Pinterest profile and in search results. This is great for…

Sometimes the smallest things are the ones that matter most. It only takes a moment to verify your WordPress blog on Pinterest, but those few seconds can have a big impact on your traffic and sales. Having your site URL be clickable from your Pinterest profile would seem like a no-brainer to most. Unfortunately it’s often the details we fail to tie up that hurt our own efforts the most. There are plenty of things that require your attention to make a social media profile useful. Far to often the smallest things like verifying your site are the ones we overlook.

As you can tell from the video, there are several ways to verify your site. The author wisely didn’t elect to simply add the meta tags to his theme’s header.php file. Why is that wise?

Almost every theme ever created requires updates to keep functioning as the software that powers WordPress continues to evolve. Every time you update a theme, all customization, including meta tags in the header.php file, is lost. That means each time the theme is updated you would have to add the meta tags again.

As to why he chose to use the Meta tag option I really don’t have a clue. As I’ve ¬†stated here numerous times, meta tags really don’t do anything positive for your site in general. To add a plugin just to do this seems odd. Unless you do not have access to your site’s files through your hosting account. If you have access to the root files you can simply upload the html file for the verification and be done with it.

It seems strange to add a plugin just to add the meta tags. Since this is the only positive thing you will really accomplish with the plugin it seems like an unneeded plugin that will simply cause you site to load slower.

In reality it’s not so important what method you choose to verify your WordPress blog on Pinterest. Use whatever one that works for you and your hosting account. The important part is taking care of this detail. What’s the use of having a great Pinterest profile for yourself or your business if you can’t link to your money site? Not much. Take a moment to take care of verifying your site and reap the benefits of your work. With marketing, the Devil really IS in the details! Cultivating a social media profile into a profitable asset for your business takes time and effort, make it pay off.

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