Video SEO: Get More Views In YouTube with Descriptions
If you want to get more views in YouTube fast then you have to really pay attention to Titles, Descriptions and Tags. YouTube search can be responsible for up to 60% of a YouTube channels views via search traffic, more if you count referrals in Google Search. If you want to get more views in YouTube then you can’t ignore this and the features in YouTube that rely on search aka Video SEO.

STOP Being Lazy With Your YouTube Descriptions!

If you’re on YouTube and you still don’t know how to increase your views and subscribers or why nobody is finding your YouTube videos, your YouTube Descriptions could be part of the reason.

If you’re not optimizing your YouTube Video Descriptions to be searched and for recommended videos to connect with them, how do you expect anyone to find your YouTube videos at all?

So you think nobody is going to read your YouTube Descriptions? First of all someone will, and secondly, who cares? YouTube needs content to know what your video is about and if it is relevant, how do you honestly think YouTube search, recommendations and promotion actually works?

This is the difference between channels with 100 Subscribers ranking in a search next to a channel with 1,000 or 10,000 or a 100,000 subscribers.

I’m smaller than a lot of YouTubers and my videos still rank just as high as their videos for a lot of reasons and making sure I have 250+ word descriptions is a big part of that.

Make sure your YouTube Video description has words and phrases someone is likely to type into the YouTube search box. Make sure the title is also something likely to be searched on.