I feel compelled to share my experience with this plugin, as I had recommended it in a post on this site.

As stated above, if you use the built in Cron feature of WordPress to automatically post your content DO NOT INSTALL THIS PLUGIN!!

I add all my post for the upcoming week for this blog at once, and have always relied on the built in Cron feature in WordPress to post one each day. If you regularly check this site for new posts you probably noticed how sporadic the posts have been for the last couple of weeks until this week. This is a direct result of having installed and activated this plugin. Both versions of this plugin, the original Keyword SEO plugin, and the second version called the Keyword Cash Links Plugin suffer from the same issue.

After consulting with my Web hosting Support I learned the reason for this. It would seem as if these are two of several WordPress plugins that tie their operation to the WordPress Cron feature. Whenever someone visits a WordPress site, it triggers the Cron to activate and perform any scheduled tasks. Usually this presents no problem if done properly as the Cron is used solely to perform functions prompted by the plugin.

Unfortunately, it seems to not be properly used by these two plugins with the net result of nothing being posted! I struggled to find out why this was happening as this was the only plugin I had recently activated. I couldn’t beleive  a plugin created by a developer with a reputation like that possessed by the developer Walt Bayliss, could possibly be the source of my problem.

I initially had difficulty getting the plugin to accept my keyword list and contacted Bayliss’s support staff to see if they could help with this. After receiving a reply with specific instructions I was finally able to do this. It was the worst mistake I have ever made!

I went back to my task of adding posts for the coming week after finishing setup on the plugin. I had already completed three, and after successfully remotely adding the fourth to this site I paused to edit the posts and correct any spelling errors. The software I use to add posts to my blog does not offer this feature so I always post a few then go to check spelling before they are published to correct any errors.

When I did this on this occasion I had no idea what awaited me. It first seemed as if a glitch in the software I use has somehow prevented the post from actually appearing in the list of posts. Nowhere could I find a trace that made me think it had been posted. I posted it once more, figuring I had caused the issue. I returned to my site, and the post still wasn’t there. Thinking the posting had been delayed for some reason I then refreshed the page. I had a real shock when the page loaded!

Now not only was the last post still missing, two more had seemingly disappeared! In disbelief, I refreshed the tab again, only to find that every post I had just added was nowhere to be found. In fact, I was also missing an already published post as well!

I had the page that lists your posts open in the ultra cool  Insty.me software, so I tried to edit one of the posts I had autoposted earlier. The error message I received when trying to do this suggested that possibly that the post had been deleted!!

I was so upset by this possibility, I deactivated and deleted the plugin at once as I knew this was the only thing that had changed, so the issue must be caused by the plugin. I was so shook up over this, it was more than an hour before I could manage to sit back down to refresh the post page.

Thankfully, as soon as I did the posts reappeared as mysteriously as they had disappeared! Angered by this, I sent a support reply to the ticket I had created earlier stating that I could no longer use this plugin because of the issue, as it was worthless to me if I could post content as I always had. I did receive a refund for my purchase the next day, so I must say this was at least handled professionally.

Because I use this feature on all my blogs, I would have never been able to install the plugin again. After contacting my Web Hosting Support, I found out exactly what the issue was. The owner of Insty.me, Nick Jolin always seems to hit the nail squarely on the head when offering an explanation for things I fail to understand. He has always been exactly right!

I can’t help feeling that had the code of this plugin been written better, this would never have happened, and everything would have worked fine. I have zero proof of this, but because I discovered I had more than one plugin that used the Cron to perform normal functions. I have NEVER had this problem with them, they worked perfectly, with no issues, and still do.

If you have purchased this plugin as a result of my recommendation and used the link I posted with it to make your purchase, please contact me with your purchase details as I will happily refund any commission I have collected for this.

I want to say I feel badly for having promoted this product in light of my experience.

Please forgive me if this has caused you any issues as I would not wish my experience on anyone else. The post has been deleted, and felt obligated to publish this warning to save others the unnecessary turmoil this has cost me. I hope this saves someone else from making the same mistake.