Ever wonder how you are officially supposed to be blogging? So have I. The video below contains the answers…

WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, WordPress.com. Go from the simple acts of joining al…

As you can see by the version of WordPress being used in this video, it was made some time ago. In no way does that invalidate the information presented here. The mechanics have certainly changed quite a bit and WordPress is as Modern as anything else out there of it’s type. And more elegant than many others. But the subject here is not using WordPress.

Today, we’re talking about Blogging. While blogging may be simply having a WordPress site you add posts to for some, it really has nothing directly to do with blogging.

The pure form of blogging is what the video showcases, not WordPress itself. Most people have very different ideas of what blogging is all about. It often depends which side of the blog you happen to be. To those who create posts to inform, entertain, or market to visitors it is one thing. To people who are reading the post, it can be any they want.

To me, blogging is all about style really. More specifically, it’s about the statement your blog makes for you. The readers take on all this, is very individual. There’s a difference.

It also makes a big difference exactly what the posts do for the blogger. Do they promote a product the blogger is an affiliate of? Or is this simply their personal way of expressing their opinion or feelings on a subject? I think you get the idea here. In my humble uneducated opinion, I believe this comprises the very essence of blogging.

How about you? Think for a moment, and try to verbally express in a few words what blogging means to you what blogging means to you. It’s O.K. I’ll wait…

Now that you’ve taken the time to define what blogging means to you, it has a very precise model does it not? That view belongs to you. And in reality, it’s the only one that matters. What I think blogging is is probably not the same. That, is exactly how it should be.

It truly matters not how I look at this. I am simply trying to point out that everyone defines blogging in a different way. We may have some similar ideas on a few subjects, but that may be because we have some other sort of likeness. You may think badly about things I love. Or we may appreciate something equally. For whatever reason, you made a choice to read this part of the page because we both had an interest in the same thing. That is what determines your audience, your reach if you will.

My purpose here is to make you think. The more you define why you blog, the better job you do of actually blogging. Does that make sense?

The mechanics you use are up to you. You can try to write in a manner that doesn’t fit you.

But this never works. Blogging is very personal. For two different people, a blog is viewed in in different terms. It’s hard to try to be formal and official and express yourself.

That requires freedom, and that is the best thing WordPress gives you by my way of thinking.

In the end, it does not matter what the fine people at WordPress or I think blogging is about. The only thing that truly matters is what message YOU get out of a post. I’ve asked you many questions during the course of this post. If any of them motivates you to share your views whatever they may be, please share your thought with everyone else.

Leave your impression here for everyone. If it is an honest one, even if it contains a link it will be published if the link helps you express your feelings. If the links only purpose is to promote something, you can keep your thoughts as they won’t ever see the light of day.

Thanks for taking the time to find out what blogging means to me. I have one final question for you today. What does blogging mean to you?