Guest blogging is when you contact a web-site and offer to write content for their blog or article section and you ask them to leave a live link going back to your web-site.

So I’ll give you a live example. You are in a business consulting business, you find a web-site that has a blog section, so they are constantly updating their blog and you contact the web-master and you tell them “Hey, I saw that you have content which is related to these specific subjects. Me as the subject matter expert I can give you content like that free of charge, but the only thing that I ask you to do is to leave that live link back to my web-site intact.” So essentially this is guest blogging.

The only thing that people have to keep in mind is that with Google updates, Google now looks at these types of guest blogs, because grey hats and blackhats are creating these vast networks of fake guest blogs and let you post small snippets of 350 words with a link back to your web-site and what you’re doing is feeding their network of fake blogs and gettings links back to your web-site.

But Google is at a stage right now where the computer power is so strong that they’re able to automatically detect these types of links and they are either going to penalize you or they are not going to count these links at all, so it will basically be wasted effort for you.

Best thing to do is to establish this human contact, so when you get in touch with a webmaster you try to customize each and every email that you send