So what exactly is WordPress?
If you have ever wanted to build a Web site, chances are you have heard mention of WordPress. Many people consider WordPress to be the best choice for beginners wanting to create their own Web sites. Creating a basic WordPress site is indeed simple.

By definition WordPress is what is referred to as a Content Management System or CMS. So what the heck is that,
you may ask? There are basically two different ways to build a Web site.

The traditional method has been considered to be creating static HTML sites. That’s how the Web started.

That can be done with software like the Open Source HTML editor Kompozer on one end of the spectrum. On the other end
you have Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Muse. This method offers complete control over the color scheme, layout and graphics of the sites you create. It is also far more difficult for beginners to use to create sites than if they use a CMS. Another drawback to using HTML sites is the difficulty of adding content. Adding new content to your site requires you to create a new HTML page and upload it to your server.

CMS is the other choice. WordPress now dominates the other most popular Content Management Systems by virtue of being
the most flexible. You really create any kind of site you want with WordPress provided you know what you are doing. the video below gives a brief introduction to WordPress and how it works. If you want to learn more…

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