There seems to be a considerable amount of confusion about the differences between and Why are there 2 sites? Take a few moments to watch the video below for all the details… vs

In this video hosted by we give you a comprehensive look at the primary differences between and Cons…

As you can see, there is a purpose for both sites. Many WordPress users make use of both of these sites as there are advantages and disadvantages with both. That’s what makes it great to have both at your disposal. 

Each site serves it’s own purpose, takes care of all of us who have self hosted WordPress installs suplying plenty of useful information and some killer free resources you can download from their site, or directly to your blog your WordPress admin area. is of course home to one of the most popular blogging sites around. There are many convinced that is the best place to host your free blog. There is some pretty stiff competition in this area including Google’s own site Blogger. But is equally as powerful as any other when it comes to getting your posts exposed to a large audience.

Happily, you are not forced to choose between and Both arre available to anyone, so why not enjoy the best features of both?