Pinging in WordPress is often misunderstood and incorrectly used. “Overpinging” is a real problem you must solve. Whenever you add a new post it is pinged to whatever update services you have added. While this is good because you are able to notify the search engines there is new content on your blog.

The problem comes in with human nature. How many times have you published a post, only to notice something was not right and needed to be edited? You open the post back up and correct your spelling, make your post clearer or just add something you forgot.

Well whenever you do this, your blog is automatically pinging every time you update the post. This can have a negative effect with the content aggregators ypu are pinging. It is common for ping services to “Blacklist” an IP address for abusing or overpinging.

The easiest way to prevent this is by using a ping optimizer plugin for WordPress. The author of this video, “zolijuhasz” dicusses the problem of overpinging and shows you how to set up the CB Net Ping Optimizer plugin.

This plugin limits the number of times your site will ping within a set amount of time like 15 minutes down to one. This allows you to get any editing done without worrying about getting banned.