Here’s how to get your Gravatar from WordPress…

How To Get a WordPress Avatar

Want to know how to get your icon to appear next to your comments on your WordPress site? Check out this video, where we explain how to set up your Gravatar …

So why should you want a Gravatar?
Gravatars are good for more than getting your smiling face situated next to the comments you leave on your WordPress blog. It also works on every WordPress blog you happen to visit. The Gravatar is tied to a particular email address of yours that you have selected an image for after you begin creating an account.

People love having a face to go along with a name. They really do want to know what you look like. Not to see if you are handsome, pretty or whatever, but so they can connect further with you. That’s a big part of the often repeated formula for getting sales. People prefer to purchase sometthing from someone they like/know/trust. Sometimes you can get by with only a couple of those quite nicely. But put all three in place and you have a loyal customer for life!

Rather you want to become an authority on the subject of Competitive Knitting (If there is such a thing and I’m sure there is!) or simply hoping to convince your visitors to buy what you recommend on Amazon as an affiliate. The Niche doesn’t matter, nor does the subject. Whatever action you want people to take is easier accomplished if you have the power of Like/Know/Trust behind you.

The recognition factor will also help when you comment on top blogs in your Niche. If they use WordPress then your impressive visage will appear next to your content.

Having a Gravatar will also increase the chances of your comment being appraved because the site owner automatically knows you are a fellow blogger and wants others to know how you feel. Adding comments related to the post subject is a great way to establish yourself in a Niche as an authority. If you converse with the Big Dogs, you become one of them in the eyes of others. At the least, trere is zero chance of having one or more Gravatars do you any harm whatsoever. Everything you can do that makes you stand out from the crowd is one step closer to success.