Posting directly from your blog to the various Social Media sites you have profiles for is a great way to get more traffic. In fact when a blog is new, this can actually help establish a base of readers. I have seen this first hand several times, with this site being one of them.

Initially, the traffic generated from posting directly to the Social Media accounts is far greater than what you get from any Search Engine. While the Search Engines can send tons of traffic your way, it comes over time as people discover the post, or circumstances require. Social Media Traffic is right now. You share, traffuc comes.

The reason for this is simple. Google is literally overwhelmed with good content. Because of this, they use another measurement for just how good your content is, Social Media Interaction, referred to as “Social Signals” by many people. O.K. enough analysis of why it works. Let’s get on to how to make it happen.

The video here will show you a popular way to share your posts on Social Media.

Getting Traffic – Posting to Social Networks from WordPress

This video shows the options you have when adding your WordPress post to social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. We demonstrate ho…

An interesting note about Tumblr for you. I long resisted getting a Tumblr blog. I couldn’t imagine how it would be very useful to me as all the things I saw from Tumblr were completely Marketing unrelated. The best I’d ever done is a couple of interesting images I found when doing WordPress image searches.

Boy was I wrong! Tumblr is often the primary source of referral traffic when starting a new blog.

I attribute this mostly to the varried interest of the people who use Tumblr. Many of the same people who use WordPress also use Tumblr. And why not? Both are simply blogging platforms. In fact, Tumblr is functionally a custom WordPress site. Don’t overlook or underestimate Tumblr!