WordFence is a great WordPress security plugin. Check out the video below to find out why.

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Protect Your WordPress Site with this MUST HAVE Security Plugin – WordFence

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WordFence is a very, very good WordPress security plugin.

There are many good ones. But only a handful that even approach the versatility of WordFence. Probably the most comparable plugin to WordFence is the best known of all the WordPress security plugins, Better WP Security.

The plugins do share some striking similarities. But that’s where it stops. The two plugins offer features exclusive to each. It’s those differences that allow the two plugins to combine to create an extremely secure WordPress site for those who use both.

The two plugins don’t have conflicts despite having some features in common. I have never encountered an error of any sort with both plugins installed and activated. The plugins work almost in sync to provide you with greatly enhanced security for your blog.

I have used these 2 plugins together for over 2 years now. During that time, no hacker has been able to breach my WordPress security in any way. Granted, these are not the only plugins I use to secure my site. However they are the ones most responsible for the sites level of security. The other plugins address issues neither WordFence or Better WP Security. To be honest, these things are very seldom used to hack a WordPress blog . But being paranoid as I am, I have to cover all the bases.

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