How to make money with affiliate marketing using WordPress…

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There are plenty of options open to affiliate marketers for collecting commissions with a WordPress blog. This post does a good job of letting you know about the most common methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

There are many fine Affiliate and CPA (Cost Per Action) Networks around to choose from.

Most WordPress users opt for standard affiliate marketing where you promote one or more products from a company you are an affiliate of. The reasoning for this is usually based on two things. First, for the most part, the commissions are higher with this affiliate marketing model. The second has to do with the degree of difficulty involved.

Both lines of thought have flaws.

While many CPA offers may only provide modest commissions of a couple of Dollars, others can ammount to thousands! Find the right Niche like exotic Automoblies like Sports cars that sell for several Hundred Thousand Dollars and you can really collect far bigger commissions than you will ever get promoting IM offers that have high converting Sales Funnels.

As far as how easy it is to make money with CPA versus standard affiliate marketing goes, this is also not true. Especially with simple actions like getting an opt-in, you can bank big cash if you create a good lead in to the opt-in and carefully choose the Niche and pick a topic that everyone is interested in. $2 commissions might seem small untill you consider that it’s relatively to get several hundred of these a month with the right CPA offer. Even a Hundred $2 commissions start to look good as you will make $200 for that. The more you get each month, the higher your income!

Try all forms of affiliate marketing and find out which one best fits your style and the type of marketing you do. That’s the best way to find out where the money is at for you.