Social Media is changing the way people use the Internet. Because Google and the other major search engines use shares and likes as a measure of the usefulness and quality of content it’s almost impossible to get your site ranked without them.

Thankfully,, there are plenty of great choices for adding Social Media sharing capabilities to your WordPress blog. The video here goes over installing and using a fairly popular source. You’ll lerarn how to install, activate and set up the plugin for best results. The video discusses a plugin that creates it’s own widget. The widget can be placedc in any available sidebar to display sharing options.

Social Media Widget WordPress Tutorial – Adding Social Links

In this wordpress tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add social icons to your sidebars. Table of Contents: Installing the plugin: 0:35 Adding it to the widg…

If you would like to find out more about additional Social Media Widgets and plugins  you will find plenty here. Check out other posts under the Plugins Catagory for more information on other useful Social Media plugins for WordPress.

Social Media not only plays an ever increasing role in our day to day lives it can be the difference as to rather or not your blog gets discovered. Even the greatest content needs a little help to let Google and other search engines know it’s real value. The likes and shares generated by having Social Media sharing enabled on your site can make a huge difference in the way your content is ranked. In these Social Media dominated days it pays to have them there.