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Comment Reward Plugin for WordPress – Encourage your readers to leave comments on your blog and make it a busy place by giving them rewards de…

The concept of giving people something in return for performing a desired action is far older than the Internet. This technique has been successfully used by businesses for hundreds of years. The gift or benefit may often be small, but the idea of getting something of worth for performing a simple task has always appealed to Human Nature.

You have done this first hand if you have ever offered a gift for list sign ups. The concept is sound because it works. There’s many years and instances of proof, so there is no room for debate.

The Comment Reward Plugin is one of a few WordPress comment plugins that have a similar feature. They all offer the reader something of value in return for doing what you ask of them. As these plugins go, The Comment Reward Plugin is certainly one of the best. Because comments are a vital part of getting your posts ranked for your targeted keywords, this plugin can be a powerful tool in your battle to climb up the ranks.

This is yet another free WordPress plugin available through your WordPress dashboard or from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Give your readers something they want, and you’ll find they give you what you need. It’s perhaps as old as Time itself. No need to reinvent the wheel. Find something that works and ride it home!