This is video 5 from Rob Canyon’s series on copywriting for the Web. The focus this time is on what you should and should not write posts about. This video contains some excellent tips on creating the kind of content that makes readers come back to visit your blog time and time again.

Some of the things Canyon suggests you steer away from when creating a new post might come as a surprise. But after hearing the reasoning behind the statements you will understand.

The author gives you plenty of great topics during the course of the video you probably would never think about when sitting down to write a post. You might not think anybody could possibly be interested in your day to day life, but this is not the case. By writing about the things and people in your immediate universe you show the reader that you are a real person. This allows them to connect with you because they see someone not so different than themselves.

If you ever suffer from “Writers Block” this video is the answer to that problem.

The content is delivered in Canyon’s usual very understandable style. You can feel the passion he has for the subject as he speaks. Canyon truly seems to enjoy sharing his knowledge about copywriting with anyone willing to learn the important things that make a post into content many will enjoy.

Take a few moments to watch this video and you will be rewarded with the knowledge of how to write posts that your readers will love, and come back for again and again.