When the intro is over this is a look into WordPress ¬†eCommerce plugins…

Setup a WordPress Store Quickly with Ecommerce Plugins

More on setting up a WordPress store can be found here: http://creatingawebstore.com/the-ease-and-benefits-of-setting-up-a-store-with-wordpress.html On my we…

The video is a bit long in the intro. It takes the author too long really to get to the topic at hand, WordPress plugins.

When it gets going the information and tips are good. I think the shopping cart on a SSL site issue is moot. Regardless of the author’s experiences, I have gad no problem with this at any time. If the SSL is properly configured your site will not cause browser alerts. For the most part this is not an issue for most sites as it’s the norm to use no SSL on the site, simply relying on a payment processing service like PayPal to take care of that.

The primary functions of the plugins are what ultimately determines which particular plugin is the best fit for your site.

WordPress eCommerce plugins are very diverse. They range from simple plugins that will allow you to add PayPal links to product pages and such to completely full featured Shopping Carts.

The author brings up an important point in this video unintentionally. If you noticed, the author had numerous ignored notices on their site that could lead to a WordPress blog easily getting hacked. This often happens with blogs the author only occasionally visits. This is exactly one of the reasons WordPress is the preferred site to hack.

Don’t go there. Protect yourself and ultimately others by keeping your WordPress site completely updated and backed up. Don’t let someone take it all away from you.