Here’s a good look at some ways to make money with your WordPress blog…

What Can YOU Do With WordPress- Ecommerce

If you blog, you know that WordPress is a killer blogging software that you can use to create your own blog. But WordPress is way more flexible than JUST blo…

The majority of WordPress blogs are created for making a profit. Ther are of course many ways to do this. This is a good basic video on the topic of WordPress eCommerce. No earth shattering information, but a solid look at the different types of eCommerce blogs you can create with WordPress.

You have to have a self hosted WordPress blog to make this work. No form of the many mutated versions of WordPress that offer free blogs allow you the freedom to establish any kind of Shopping cart on your site.

Sometimes, posting products on free blog sites may get your blog banished to limbo.

As the video suggests, how far you choose to take this is entirely up to you. There are far too many options for setting up a Shopping Cart or selling digital products with WordPress that are not difficult to set up. I couldn’t start to list the good plugins made expressly for seling everything from access to your content to setting up membership sites and drip feeding content to them for you. Even better, most of the best ones are free!

To get a better idea about what plugins are available and what each one offers just log into your WordPress blog and hover over “Plugins” on the admin menu then click “Add New” on the dropdown menu. Search for simply “eCommerce” and look over the results.