WordPress is constantly evolving and updating. New versions, new features, and perhaps most importantly, new plugins and themes.

Each one requires a certain degree of adjustment or learning for WordPress users. Some are really quite simple, others change the game entirely. Some have quirks, others may force you to do a tedious set-up process. Some WordPress themes and plugins just  don’t play well together.

Sorting this all out can be frustrating, especially to those who are not so familiar with WordPress in the first place. Of course you can go to Google and search for what you want to know. If your search term is precise enough you may find some useful information on the subject you’re trying to learn about. But with newer topics, and trouble-shooting uncommon problems that can be an exasperating experience at best.

Forums can be helpful, but don’t answer your questions very quickly. Of course there are a multitude of paid products covering most aspects of the basics  Tutorial Series can be a great way to make the process of getting up and running with a new installation or when you need to go from newbie to master in a hurry.

Of course there are expenses connected to going with tutorials. With our fast changing world you could spend more than you make with your WordPress installation just trying to keep up to pace if you use this route exclusively. It has to be a balance between the cost and the reward. Tutorials can really shorten the amount of time it takes to learn new skills and help you learn quicker when you have complex topics.

If you start looking for information pertaining to blogging with WordPress your results seem to be one of two things. Free information or paid information. While you can learn about anything you want having to do with  WordPress blogging, some things are far harder to find than others.

That’s exactly why this site was created. To give WordPress bloggers a place to find out the answers that they need to know quickly and easily. Tutorials to cover the broad issues. Posts and videos to help you find out what you need to know and get back to blogging.