Trying to create a WordPress blog without doing proper Keyword Research is like trying to shoot at a target 500 yards away in pitch blackness. You might get lucky and find the mark if you are willing to take enough shots, but it’s hardly the easy way to do this. Take a few moments to watch this video and learn how to really do Keyword Research…

Lesson 8 – Keyword Research Seo Secrets WordPress

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Do not underestimate the importance of doing proper Keyword Research. It’s not as exciting as creating a great post, or as sexy as buying the hot new “Gamechanger” WordPress plugin. But all the premium WordPress plugins in the World won’t help you get traffic to a blog without having good research to show you what people are actually looking for.

As for the multitude of much hyped keyword tools, there is truly little or any difference in them. I have bought and tried many of them over the years, and none ever made any real impact on the process. What you get is a ton of keywords to sift through, which only makes the final decisions more complicated than it has to be.

Proper Niche research will not only give you a good idea if there is money to be made from a Niche, it will show you exactly where it’s at!

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