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Keyword niche research for your WordPress Website Keyword niche research for your WordPress Website. It …

wThe number 1 reason Web sites fail to make money?

Lack of proper keyword research would be the answer to that question. Keyword research may not be exciting, but do your research well and you will be excited about the results. The first step to effective keyword research is to understand exactly what you are looking for. You must be able to determine what the buyer keywords are before you can accurately gauge your competition. Most often, these keywords are not the most searched for listings you would see displayed for say “weight loss”. People use different keywords for different purposes.

To better illustrate how this works let me take a moment for a brief introduction to the anatomy of a sale for those who are not sales professionals…

Anatomy Of A Sale

Before any sale takes place three things have to be in sync.

Your lead must be Ready, Willing, and Able to make the purchase.

A person typing in weight loss is usually looking for information or perhaps just considering doing something. A number 1 listing for weight loss would pay off down the road with some sales if you follow-up with your prospect, but mostly you will get the information seekers and the curious. this is not a buyer keyword. They are not Ready.

The person typing in say “best weight loss”, is Ready, and chances are they are also Willing, meaning that they are commited to doing something to solve their problem. However, that does not mean they are Able. The reason for this could be budget related, a health issue, or many other things, but the net result is that they want to purchase, but for whatever reason they can’t.

Statistics show that at any one point in time only 5 in 100 prospects in any market meet the three requirements. That’s 5% of the total market. But it’s the part you need to focus on if you want to make money with niche marketing. You find them by ranking for the so-called long-tailed keywords. These are phrases like “best weight loss for women” and such. Some niches have very low competition for many of the buyer keywords because marketers often look at the clicks a keyword generates regardless of the fact that they are wasting their time trying to sell to consumers who are not yet ready to buy.

It’s all about just how precise the keyword is here. Sure, if you rank for iPod, you will get plenty of traffic, but almost no sales.

iPod Touch, is a step in the right direction, and although the traffic won’t be the same, the quality of the traffic will improve as will your sales figures.Black iPod Nano 7th gen will not get a great deal of traffic, but almost every visitor will be looking to buy! Besides that, as mentioned earlier most marketers target the wrong keywords, so you may find little or no competition for the keywords that will actually make you the most money.

Finding the buyer keywords makes you drill down further into the keyword. The extra effort is more than worth the time you’ll invest. You only have to do keyword research once for any given keyword. Take the time to do it right and you will be rewarded with income from your efforts for many years to come.To find the buyers you have to find the buyer keywords. think about this the next time you do Niche research and make your time pay off.