Make sure all your WordPress settings are as they should be is an important part of managing your WordPress website. The WordPress reading settings have some important options that you may want to check out. Let’s get right to it.

First, there is the Front Page Displays option were you determine what is shown on the front page (or homepage) of your website.

By default the Your Latest Posts option is selected, which makes sense since WordPress is a blogging platform and blogs usually display their latest posts on the homepage. You can, however, change this option so that you display a static page on the homepage. When you select that option you can then select which page to show as the homepage from the Front Page dropdown. You can also select which page will display your Blog Posts from the Posts Page dropdown.

The next option is Blog Pages To Show At Most. This determines how many blog posts are shown at one time on the blog page. Visitors can always navigate to older blog posts, this options just determines how many to show at a time.

Next is Syndication Feeds Show The Most Recent number of posts. Syndication feeds are RSS feeds that people use to view your website content without actually visiting your website. This settings determines how many recent posts to put into the RSS feed.

The next option For Each Article In A Feed, Show either Full Text or a Summary. This setting applies specifically to RSS feeds and determines whether you want to display complete articles in the feed or excerpts that link back to your website.

The final, and probably most important option, is Search Engine Visibility. If the box is checked then search engines like Google will be discouraged from putting your website into their database. This can be useful when your website is an internal website or one that’s not for the general public. However, just because that box is checked that doesn’t mean Search Engines won’t index your site. If you truly want no search engine traffic then you are better off creating the site on an internal network or password protect the whole site.

After you’ve selected the WordPress reading settings you want simply click on Save Changes and you’re all done.