Hackers are after your WordPress blog…

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Hackers just love WordPress. Is your WordPress blog their next target?

There are over 8 million WordPress installations Worldwide. Some people think that because of that number, they don’t need to worry about security. That couldn’t be farther from the truth…

We’re not just talking about one guy sitting in front of their computer trying to randomly hack WordPress sites here. It’s way bigger and more organized than that. Earlier this year an attack on WordPress was launched from thousands of different locations at once. This only confirms  the existance of a organized group of hackers united in an effort to take over as many WordPress sites as possible.

There’s no reason to think this is going to go away. All signs point to the opposite, an escalation of hacking activity.

The message for WordPress users is clear. Secure your site, or lose it to the hackers.

That’s where WP-Padlock comes in. Sure, there are plenty of WordPress security plugins out there. But even if you manage to figure out what free plugins actually work and exactly how to set them up your site is still vulnerable to many attacks. There’s only one way to completely secure your site, lock down the WordPress admin.

WP-Padlock was created just for that purpose. WP-Padlock will automatically return a 404 error when anybody besides you tries to log in to your WordPress site. WP-Padlock works by only allowing access to the wp-admin to YOUR IP address. Even WordPress users with non-static IP addresses can use this plugin as it will let you log in even if your IP address changes because you can override the stored IP by using the right procedure.

There are other plugins that will block other IP addresses, but if your IP address changes they won’t even let you log in!

Don’t laeve your WordPress site at the mercy of the hackers, use the link below to secure a special discount on WP-Padlock and get a secure “clone” WordPress site you can install in just minutes any time you start up a new site.

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