I know a secret about WordPress. Wanna hear??…

16 – Using the SEO Friendly Images Plugin to Optimize Images

We want to take every opportunity that we can to tell the search engines what our website is about, and another way to do that is through images. Everytime y…

Search Engines still can’t read an image well enough to know what it is.

So therefore my friends, the “Secret” is Image SEO.
If you use images on your WordPress site Google and the others simply know there is an image there, not what it is. The best WordPress General SEO plugins don’t allow you to add descriptions for images. This is not only overlooked by SEO plugin creators, but by the vast majority of WordPress users, even the most experienced.

While it is possible to add a description to any image in your WordPress Media Library few bloggers actually do this. In truth it would take you far longer to do this manually than it would to accomplish the same task with the plugin mentioned in the video.

Besides the obvious advantage that having Search Engines like Google know what the content of your images is there’s also another good side to this. As stated earlier, very few WordPress users do this. And no other format or platform you can create a Web site with makes this easier than the SEO Friendly Images plugin does for WordPress users. Most have only features like WordPress without the plugin.

Net result = You will probably be the only one in your Niche doing this! And of course, if you are the only one doing this in your niche your rankings and authority in that Niche will increase. Even if you aren’t the only one in your Niche doing Image SEO it will still get your site ranked higher.

All positive, no negative except one thing I feel I must add. I checked out this plugin as I do with every one I write about.  SEO Friendly Images has not been updated in around 9 Months. I first, as is my custom, activated it on a WordPress test site I use to evaluate plugins that uses WordPress 3.6. The plugin activated without issue throwing no errors. It was easy to use and I could find no glitches in operation with the site in general or with the plugin. I have since uploaded it to this site and will deploy it when traffic is quietest.

This is always something I do when activating a new plugin on the site. It’s also a good thing to do with your sites as it will keep visitors from being possibly interrupted while trying to read a post or page. Unless you have a test site set up that runs exactly the same version of WordPress and exactly the same plugins this is the best way to go.

I do intend to set up such a site as I do have a clone I used to test out the current theme I’m using before activating it on this blog. I simply have to tweak the plugins a bit and add a couple to do this so it won’t be hard.

Using a test site like this is always a good idea when installing and activating a plugin that you think may cause problems. If it does on horribly crash and take out the test site, you just have to restore from a backup created with a plugin like WP Clone because after creating your test site the first thing you need to do after that is do a backup of your test site allowing you to restore that site back to normal.

I will create a video showing how to do this all soon as I think this something every serious WordPress user should do, but more about that in a couple weeks.

A final thought on WordPress Image SEO for you.

One of the first things high Dollar SEO firms do for their new clients is to perform Image SEO on their customers sites. They do this because they understand the value of Image SEO. Now that you do also, wouldn’t it be foolish not to use that knowledge to help out your sites rankings?