WordPress shortcodes are one of the coolest features of WordPress. You can use shortcodes to do many things in your posts. You can use a shortcode to insert things like Material Connection Disclosures and other often repeaded text you use on your site.

David Tierney created this how-to video which offers some very useful tips on using shortcodes in your posts and pages. While there are certainly differences in how things are done depending on which shortcode plugin you happen to be using, the information here is quite useful.

There are a number of free plugins available from the WordPress Plugin Directory that give you both pre-set shortcodes as well as those that allow you to create your own custom shortcodes. A few plugins offer both features.

One word of caution about adding multiple shortcode plugins to you WordPress blog is in order here. While I have personally had 7 or 8 different shortcode plugins installed and activated at the same time with no problem, you need to be careful when activating them.

Back up your WordPress installation before you install any of these plugins. Activate any ones you wish, but activate no more than one at a time. For some reason they tend to cause conflicts and even fatal errors when you activate multiple shortcode plugins at the same time. This happens because the plugins are all adding simmilar code to your files at the same time. Just activate them one at a time, and you will have no problems.