Why would I say that WordPress + Social Media = Gold?

Think of it this way. As the holder of one or more WordPress sites you  are a Emper of sorts over the Web space that they make up. This is YOUR Virtual Real Estate. The idea of course for any Emperor is to get tribute from your visitors or Subjects.

How you choose to do that depends on what style of Marketing you happen to be using. That’s not important. Making Money usually is.
There’s just one catch.
In order to reap the benefits of adding and using Social Media to your WordPress blog you must first know how to effectively Market with Social Media.

The video below can go quite a long way in educating you on some of the most effective ways to use Social media. Give it a watch when you have a bit of time to invest. The total running time on this video is almost an Hour.

Tony Zeoli – WordPress + Social Media

PUNKCAST1979 Tony Zeoli of Digital Strategy Works presents at Brooklyn Design & Technology Meetup at Bitmap Creative Labs, Brooklyn on Dec 14 2011. http://to…

The video contains a lot of nuggets that will help you understand the scope of what you can accomplish by pairing WordPress with Social Media. You get practical advice that you can put in use with easily actionable steps. It may take a while to absrb everything completely. But the knowledge is Eternal.

WordPress + Social Media does in fact = Gold if you know how to use the power of Social Media to compel your Subjects to pay you your rightful tribute.