Scrolling Social Sharebar (Twitter Like Google +1 Linkedin and Stumbleupon) comes in first among free WordPress plugins for the longest plugin name I have ever seen. Despite the horribly long name, which I won’t be repeating, the plugin offers  some useful features.

As you would hope with that name, the plugin does indeed allow you to include all of the Social Media  links mentioned in the name. They are located in a hovering widget that floats along with you as you scroll down the page. Sort of like a popup that never goes away. The widget contains a Sharing Bar to allow easy sharing.

The author of the video spends as much time talking about his site as he does about the plugin. I guess I can only partially blame him for this. I wouldn’t want to have to repeat the plugins name repeatedly while recording a video either.

Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn,Stumbleupon Social Plug-in for WordPress

This WordPress plug-in allows you to put a social tool bar on your website within posts or on pages. The social media outlets include facebook like, twitter,…

Interesting plugin. The plugin adds several popular Social Media sites to your WordPress blog. It also covers LinkedIn, pretty much a rarity in WordPress Social Media plugins. With that said, it may not be the best plugin of this sort.

Share Buttons by AddThis supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn also. The plugin has the same rating as the one from the video, and an easier to remember name. The plugin does not create a toolbar though. It places the buttons under the post above the comment area.

Toolbar To Share creates a small toolbar that holds links for sharing just to Facebook, Twitter and G+. The plugin is effective without being obtrusive. This one boasts a perfect 5 Star rating by WordPress users. Like all the other plugins mentioned in this post, Toolbar To Share is a free WordPress plugin available for download from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Sharebars and sharing buttons give your visitors the chance to share your content easily.