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HTML vs WordPress

HTML vs WordPress.

The debate has gone back and forth almost since WordPress was first created. In some ways the argument is purely one of philosophy. There are definate technical differences between HTML coded site and one that relies on the PHP script that powers WordPress. If the only factor under consideration was popularity, WordPress is the winner, no contest. Need to have many static HTML pages on your site? HTML wins that round because WordPress does not play well with HTML by default, and is still not easy to add HTML to sometimes even with premium plugins.

Using WordPress to put up HTML sales pages has always been difficult. There are a few premium plugins that handle the chore quite well with some limitations. A couple will let you have complete control of your page including layout and the  header/footer areas. There are some free plugins that allow you to insert HTML ito a post and keep the built in WordPress code filters from removing it with varrying degrees of success.

On the other side of the coin, coding HTML is not a simple task to learn. HTML has come into the World of mobile devices with HTML 5. In order to create HTML Web sites you must be able to create and edit CSS files to create a site with HTML 5. You can’t just crete a table, add background images and create a site with HTML 5.

WordPress is also far more flexible than HTML in many ways. Need to tweak something or add a feature in WordPres? Just find the right plugin and you’re all set.

With HTML you must add a script like JavaScript to add additional functionality to your site.

I could go back and forth like this for some time, but in the end the answer as to rather WordPress or HTML is the best medium for a Web site depends more on what you are using the site for than anything else. Your skills and knowledge also play a part in the decision to go with either platform. If you’re confident and comfortable hard coding HTML then that’s exactly how you should be creating your Web sites. If the thought of having to edit code is enough to make you have bad dreams then WordPress is your only choice. Both HTML and WordPress are great, valid choices for creating a Web site. Neither one is truly perfect, but both do their job well.

For the sites I build, WordPress is the perfect choice. Versatile and easy to work with. I can create many different types of sites for any Niche I want to within the same framework. I can clone a site with default plugins and themes already installed and then customize it to create any type of site I need.  Using WordPress allows me to move at the speed of the Internet, light speed.

Which is better, HTML or WordPress? In case you couldn’t guess, my pick is WordPress…