What’s new in WordPress 3.8…

WordPress has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings.

WordPress 3.8 continues the evolution with a long overdue remake of the admin area among other features. For me, the ability to change the look of the admin area is important. I want to be able to instantly recognize which admin I’m looking at instantly if I have multiple sites I’m updating. Simply playing with the settings to do this is far easier than having to install plugins just to customize the admin area for myself or for client sites. There is a niice selection of color scemes you can customize your admin area with in WordPress 3.8. There are a total of 8 color scemes you can choose from.

The most striking difference is the contrast. The whole admin area seems easier to use, and far more more user friendly.  The creators of WordPress are quite proud of the changes made to the admin interface and they should be. The admin is now just as easy to navigate with a Tablet or Phone as it is with a computer and mouse.

This needed to happen.
With more and more people opting to use a phone or other device to connect to the Internet WordPress would have become out of reach for many users. We live in a fast paced World where we must be content at times with working from where ever we happen to find ourselves, or mot working at all. The very reason that Smart Phones and Tablets are so popular is because of their portability. WordPress is all about making Web publishing possible for people who don’t have or want to get a Degree in Web Design to put up a Web site. In order to stay valid WordPress had to go fully Mobile friendly.

When you combine this with the wide availability of contemporary responsive themes WordPress is filling an important gap by allowing mobile users to not only view tWordPress sites, but to add a post to their blog if they like. This happens because most site owners do not install a dedicated mobile version of their site to go along with the Web version. Commonly, devices look first for a m. subdomain where mobile installs are usually found for major sites. Then they try to pull up the site from the Web side. If you have a responsive theme all is good. If you don’t, not so much…

The new theme that comes along with the WordPress 3.8 upgrade, 2014, is another step in the right direction. We willl be taking a look at what you can do with 2014 in another post.