How To Make A Youtube Video Autoplay Without Youtube Controls On WordPress

This how-to video was created by Matthew Neer and it does a great job of showing you how to add a video from Youtube to a post or page in WordPress with autoplay and without the usual Youtube controls. Having a video set to start on autoplay is a must for things like video sales pages. […]

How To Use Shortcodes To Add Columns To A WordPress Post Or Page

The default styling in your WordPress theme determines the column layout of your posts and pages. If you are working with a default WordPress installation there really is no option to split the page or post into columns. This video tutorial shows how to solve that problem by adding a cool WordPress plugin. The plugin […]

How To Add A Youtube Video To Your WordPress Sidebar

One of the best ways to keep visitors on your site is to give them plenty of reasons to stay. Using your theme’s sidebar to add a video is a great way to do that. By giving the reader more content that they see right in front of them you increase your chances of keeping […]

How To Add A PDF To a WordPress Blog

Here is a neat trick for you. This video by  Don Campbell of “expand2web” shows you how to add a PDF to a WordPress page. This could be used seveal different ways on your blog. Add a PLR (Private Label Rights) or MRR (Master Resale Rights) eBook to your site as content. Instantly provide access […]

Pingfresh WordPress Plugin Review: Don't Just Ping, Promote With Pingfresh

Pingfresh is far more than a pinging plugin on steroids. The set of tools this plugin provides go far beyond pinging. one of the best features of Pingfresh is the ability to give new life to your old content. Pingfresh can automatically detect posts on your site that have not been visited by search engines […]

How To Create A HTML Template For WordPress

By default, your WordPress blogs home page is written in PHP code. WordPress is designed to take HTML and turn it into PHP pages. The way your site is laid out is determined by the theme you are using. The only ways to change the way a theme looks in WordPress is to edit the […]

How To add HTML Code To A WordPress Post Or Page

Adding HTML code to a WordPress post or page is a basic skill every WordPress user should master. There are plenty of reasons to make use of this skill. Adding an opt-in form or payment button are just two examples. The video below is a tutorial on how to insert HTMl code into a WordPress […]

Using The WordPress Dupluicate Post Plugin

This short tutorial video was created By Nicole Dean who runs a neat blog called, where she shares plenty of tips and tricks with readers. The video is about the WordPress Duplicate Post plugin. This is a cool plugin that allows you to replicate the formatting on a post to save you time when […]

Free WordPress Sharing Plugins

This video by Dean Ethridge was first published on his blog at Besides Akismet, which always seems to make most everyone’s list, Ethridge also includes the All In One SEO Pack. The video includes a quick intro to the plugin as well. He also recommends SEO Presser a premium WordPress plugin in the video. […]

Using The Free WordPress WP Autoresponder Plugin

Very few WordPress users are aware of the selection of plugins that will install a email autoresponder on their blog. Practically every marketer uses either a paid or free autoresponder servive. When you consider all the good options there are for adding an autoresponder to WordPress, they are probably wasting their money. Do not take […]